What do YOU want your town to be ?

Welcome to ScarboroughsFuture

…and what of the future?

Renaissance gave a strong foundation and it is now for the people of the town to continue the work and to develop Scarborough as a growing place where people can be successful and in turn put theirs and a 21st century stamp on the town.

As residents we should be proud and shout about the place at every opportunity. It is a beautiful place to live, visit and play.

The past is what has made Scarborough what it is today and now It ‘s up to us to all put our mark on what we want for Scarborough’s future – the people and the place are Scarborough’s future

Over to you all to get involved.


┬áThe Scarborough Charrette Challenge – developing a vibrant Eastborough and Newborough

57 slides in a MS Powerpoint presentation

The same file as an Adobe ‘pdf’ file